We had meeting with Discovery / Bonitas / Polmed. Full report and way forward is available from our Lawyers to paid up Members. GEMS had stopped payment for some of our colleagues, we managed to sort this issue out and now are receiving their payment. 

We are the only Association that has a legal team that fights against AOD, they offer advice and represent us. They have responded to many letters from AOD and do not take your hand and make you sign it.They have responded, on behalf of our HCP, to all Medical Aid letters the have received Pro Bono. 

NHI and FDP contracted colleagues their contract was terminated; they will have no job at the end December. Dr Marite and some of the leaders were attending to this issue and the termination of contract was withdrawn. Currently we are looking if they get their monthly payment. We have had no complaints. New COT policy we had meeting with NDOH on19/12/2016 on the 20th they had a meeting and withdrew the implementation of it while other associations were still meeting with provincial DOH. 

We had 54 Post community service HCP who were unemployed, through the assistance of EC/Limpopo province and Thembisa hospital we managed to secure employment for 42 HCP. We have a total of 64 international interns and about 100 SA interns who are unemployed up to this day we still negotiating with NDHO to place them.

We also engaged NDOH about basic salaries and retirement benefits with the possibilities of changing this Barganing Chambers Council. We also came up with more solutions to provide to protect or prevent theft / robbery against Doctors especially in Garankuwa.

We also discussed that the COT should include Dentist and pharmacist and radiographers for the benefit of patients especially those hospital where pharmacy closed on weekends.

Our Legal Representation

Summarized Profile of Dennis Jafta Sibuyi



Dennis holds BA and LLB from UKZN, and LLM from Georgetown Law Centre, Washington DC, US. He lectured for 3 years at the School of Law, Howard College, UKZN. While Dennis was studying for LLM in Georgetown Law Centre, Washington DC, he worked as legal researcher for the US-Congress. The end product of his legal research for US-Congress was a contribution towards policy recommendation to US-Congress members as well as recommendation to states legislatures. Together with law professors at Georgetown Law Centre in Washington DC, Dennis attended to making presentations regarding proposed legislation by the US-Congress for diverse audience which included States and Congress members. Part of his LLM studies focused on negotiation skills and in particular international negotiation and in this regard, Dennis is a specialist negotiator for and on behalf of clients in various deals, transactions or disputes. He subsequently joined Bowman Gilfillan Inc. where he spent 8 years as a commercial litigator. He has been involved in medical schemes-doctors disputes for more than 10 years to date, representing individual medical doctors against the medical schemes. Currently, Dennis specialises in commercial litigation and corporate transactions. Dennis has written and published various articles in corporate law and commercial litigation. He is the head of the law firm (DMS Attorneys based in Sandton) and attorneys at the law firm draw such immense experience from him.


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