Background/ History

The need to establish an alternative body to represent healthcare professionals was realized by Drs Gumede and Buthelezi who spearheaded the establishment of the NHCPA.  The initial purpose was to address challenges faced by private medical practitioners in their dealings with Medical Aids, but it soon became clear that all healthcare professionals require similar assistance whether they be in private or public service. 

Whats App was utilized to reach healthcare professionals on a national scale. Current structure of the NHCPA is:- A National Committee led by a Chairperson, SG, Treasurer and 4 members. Provincial Committee led by a Convenor.

National Committee
DR. Donald Gumede
(Founder - Director)
DR. Prudence Buthelezi
(Secretary General)
DR. Nombasa Mayeko
Provincial Leaders
DR. PUPHUMA- Eastern Cape
DR. LAMULA - Mpumalanga
DR. MOKEKI- Free | Northen Cape
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  • To stand as an autonomous body that embraces the projects and interests of health care professionals to deliver quality medical services to patients.   

  • To act in an inclusive manner for protecting the rights of health care professionals whilst enhancing services for the benefit of patients and public at large so impacting positively on the national health scale as desired by Government. 

  • To create a workable, sustainable structure within the Association that affords protection against forms of abusive practice or conduct by companies, entities or persons involved in the medical sector supplying services or products.

  • To create a platform allowing health care professionals to earn a living while providing services to patients.   

  • To encourage uniform medical practices and procedures enhancing uniform standards offered to patients which they can understand.

  • To deal with and curb malpractices and abusive conduct by Medical Aid Schemes and other Companies which results in financial loss to Health Care Professionals.  

  • To focus and foster the Doctor - Patient relationship which is a key element in the medical profession? This tends to be eroded by third parties and middle companies focusing primarily on financial gain at the expense of doctor - patient relationships. 

  • In general, to create a platform allowing health-care professionals to concentrate on patient and at the same time make a living.


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